White Rabbit


This amber lager was brewed with beechwood smoked malt for a rich smokiness backed by toasted malt flavours. 

ABV: 5.7%| IBU: 30
HOPS: Hallertau, Czech Saaz
SOUR SCALE (0-7): 0


All proceeds from its sales will be donated to the MS Society of Canada. This charity was chosen by one of our Taproom Supervisors Bri, for her sister Mahayla who was diagnosed with MS in 2020.

Mahayla’s Story:

“One of the lessons I learnt while growing up with my family is to “try your best, no matter what the circumstances!” I watched my older sister Bri play many different sports like soccer, basketball, football, and rugby. While watching her play, I aspired to have her drive and passion. I later followed her footsteps and made soccer my forte and was fortunate enough to play on one of the top soccer teams in Ontario by the time I tuned 18. From there I was lucky enough to play college ball, was given the “rookie of the year” award, ran varsity cross country and by 2020 I was running half marathon distances with a goal to run a marathon in 2021!

But instead, life got the best of me, and I was relearning how to walk up a flight of stairs and how to keep balance on my own two feet again. When I look back it was the scariest moment of my life. I could barely walk and was stuck in the hospital with no visitors because of Covid restrictions. I’m grateful I finally received an MS diagnosis, yet I am constantly in limbo with the reality that there is no cure. Fortunately, I have recovered from my first relapse, but not everyone who has MS experience the same story. I take medication every day that can help reduce the likelihood of future relapses, however until a cure is found my disease will continue to only progress.

Like Soccer, I face a lot of wins and loses living with MS. There are days when I face debilitating fatigue where I don’t have the strength to go to work and others where I can participate in the May50k. The more awareness we give MS, the more research can occur to stop this disease in its tracks.

My sister and I may not play competitive soccer anymore, but we have the determination & drive to spread awareness as much as possible to help find a cure for MS, and this can is just the start!”


By purchasing our beer you confirm that you are of legal drinking age in Ontario, Canada (19). Our beer shipping service is available to residents of Ontario only.

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