Sherry aromas and tart apple flavours shine in 2016 Vintage Reserve Dubbel

The Dubbel marks the second release of the 2016 Vintage Reserve Series from The Exchange Brewery. The ExB’s take on this Trappist ale has been bottle-aged for a year, and its brewers are very pleased with the strong and complex flavour profile built along the way.

The dark-auburn Vintage brew kept its signature fruitiness with a boast of sherry and berry aromas. It developed an assertive acidity and pleasing apple tartness, with a cider-like taste. «It is very dry and also tastes similar to a stock ale, that aged in barrels.» comments Christine Nagy, brewer at The ExB.

In comparison, the 2017 Dubbel is slightly darker due to more haze. The younger and spicier Dubbel displays classic Belgian Yeast easters of clove and all-spice. It is malt-forward and brings more warmth from the alcohol (7.9% ABV) and sweet caramel notes.

The 2016 Vintage Reserve Dubbel is available for sale in The ExB Bottle Shop (7 Queen Street, NOTL) for $13 (+HST), as well as the 2017 Dubbel for $12 (+HST).

The ExB’s Belgian-style beers are bottle conditioned, and if properly cellared have a shelf life of 3 years. (Bottle stored upright, in a cool – around 55F/12C – and dark space; any deviation from this, such as rapid temperature change, will decrease the lifespan of the bottle.)

The next Vintage Releases from The Exchange Brewery to look forward to include the 2016 Belgian Pumpkin Ale (coming in October).

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