Two Gold Medals at the ’17 US Open Beer Championship

It is with great excitement that The Exchange Brewery announces that it has received two Gold Medals at the 2017 US Open Beer Championship.

Medals for The Exchange Brewery
GOLD : Foreign Exchange Stout – Foreign Stout Category
GOLD : Gluten-Free Saison – Gluten-Free Beer Category

« Our brewers were honoured to be named for two Gold Medals at this year’s US Beer Open.» says Sam Maxbauer, head brewer at The Exchange Brewery. « We are very proud that our newest release – the Gluten-Free Saison was awarded a medal weeks after it hit our bottle shop. »

The Gluten Free Saison had been in the development phase since early 2016. After many tasting panels and raw materials testing, The Exchange Brew Crew (Sam Maxbauer, Christine Nagy and Lauren Zimbalatti) are delighted to have found «a winning formula ».

It is also the second Gold Medal awarded to The Foreign Exchange Stout. The Exchange Brewery dark brew also won Gold earlier this year at the New York International Beer Competition.

The Foreign Exchange Stout ($12) and the Gluten-Free Saison ($12) are both available for sale at The Exchange Brewery Bottle Shop (7 Queen Street, NOTL) and on The Exchange Brewery Online Store.

About the Competition: The competition includes professional breweries and award-winning home-brewers, with judges from England, Canada and the United States. For the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship, breweries from Vermont to Vietnam sent in more than 6,000 beers representing over 100 different styles. See the complete list of winners here

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