The Exchange Brewery’ s β Brettbier now available at LCBO stores.

The Exchange Brewery is pleased to announce that its β Brettbier is now available at LCBO stores across Ontario (See your LCBO store availability here).

The Exchange’s β Brettbier showcases the collaboration of wheat, spices and wild yeast. It’s fermented with a blend of multiple Brettanomyces cultures for a fruity and funky take on the traditional witbier style.

With a 5.8% ABV, the β Brettbier has subtle spice on the nose, complimented by esters of tropical fruits from the Brettanomyces. Light straw colour and with a light funkiness, this brew is a great refreshing crowd-pleaser that holds enough complexity to appeal to sour beer aficionados. Its small bottle format (330ml) also makes it an approachable product to discover for novice beer enthusiasts.

“The β Brettbier was first launched on tap in the brewery’s tasting room earlier this year and people absolutely loved it! The feedback was so great that we naturally decided to bottle it and offer it at the LCBO to meet the ever-growing demand for sour beers – and for this beer in particular”, says Audrey Le Goff, Marketing Coordinator at The Exchange Brewery.

“We are very happy to see the Brettbier hit the shelves at the LCBO!”, says Nick Venneri, Sales Manager at The Exchange Brewery.”With its fruity and funky flavour profile, we think the Brettbier will bring in some new beer drinkers to the wonderful world of sour and funky ales!”

The β Brettbier is the first of a rotational sour listing at the LCBO by The Exchange Brewery. The release of the Brettbier will be followed by the Peach Pi (in the Fall 2018) and then the Flanders Red (early 2019).

 β Brettbier – ABV: 5.8% | IBU: 14 | SRM : 4 – LCBO #630343, 330mL, 12cs, 5.8% Retail: $5.95 (+hst) / 12 bottle case: $57.36 (+hst)

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