Sourpalooza 2020 Goes Virtual!

Mark your calendars! The 2020 Edition of Sourpalooza Festival will be happening on Saturday, November 7TH, 2020. For this very special edition, amid COVID-19 sanitary precautions, we are bringing the festival into your homes by delivering/shipping a Virtual Sour Tasting Package to Ontario residents, including carefully curated sour beers from The Exchange Brewery and other participating Ontario-based breweries.

THE FESTIVAL’S MISSION – As Niagara’s first and only sour beer focused festival, Sourpalooza Festival was created by The Exchange Brewery in 2018, for sour beer lovers, with the mission of celebrating some of the best sour beers from Ontario and highlighting the talent of the passionate brewers and people behind this craft.

After having to cancel Sourpalooza’s physical edition, which was meant to happen in early September, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, The Exchange Brewery has decided to team up with other Ontario breweries (see full line-up here) to create an exclusive sour beer tasting package. The package will be delivered or shipped to Ontario residents to enjoy safely in their homes – with a virtual Festival celebration happening on November 7th, 2020.

THE PACKAGE – The Sourpalooza Virtual Tasting Package ($179 +hst) includes 12 sour beer bottles (2 from each participating brewery), 2 Sourpalooza tasting glasses, a tasting guide and snacks. The package can be ordered online, with various delivery, pick-up or shipping options. This is a very exclusive selection of sour beers and a perfectly sized package to be shared between the 2, 3 or 4 people from your social bubble.

“In keeping with the ethos of the festival, our brewers have created two rare barrel blends for this event,” says Sam Maxbauer, Head Brewer at The Exchange Brewery. “The other participating breweries are encouraged to showcase some of their most rare or one-of-a kind brews as well to show off some of the hidden gems of their cellars.”

THE VIRTUAL FESTIVAL – On November 7th, 2020, the festival will be held virtually over Instagram with live tasting sessions and Q&As all afternoons with each of the participating breweries. All buyers of the Virtual Tasting Package will be invited to join over Instagram and enjoy all together the select brews from the package and learn more about the creation of the beers – with exclusive intel from all the brewers. The details of the Instagram Live schedule & access will be communicated directly to all buyers of the Virtual Tasting Package.

“The Exchange is thrilled to offer one small silver lining during this COVID craziness – a super innovative sour beer festival!  Not only do the attendees get to try 12 unique and delicious sour beers, they’ll be able to do a live tasting and Q&A with 6 different breweries all in one afternoon.  And all from the safety of your own bubble!  We’re looking forward to an awesome and engaging festival that is as COVID friendly as it comes.” says Robin Ridesic, CEO & Founder of The Exchange Brewery.

As we get closer to the event, we invite everyone to read our Sourpalooza FAQ page, which covers all the details regarding purchasing the beer packages and attending the virtual festival.

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