Pride & Joy


This all around light bodied brew is a collaboration of wheat, spices and yeast aged in Hungarian Oak. Orange peel and coriander play nice with our Belgian house yeast, giving it a slight haze. All proceeds from this brew will be donated to the LGBT Youthline.

The LGBTQ YouthLine is a text and chat line dedicated to helping queer youth discuss any sort of issues or help any feelings of loneliness that they are facing at that moment, with a peer supporter. All volunteers are trained peer supporters aged 16-29, coming from a diversity of 2SLGBTQ+ identities and lived experiences. They serve all of Ontario. These talk and text lines are open Sunday – Friday, 4:00-9:30pm.

ABV: 5.1%| IBU: 14
HOPS: Tettnang.
SOUR SCALE (0-7): 1
CONTAINS: Barley, Wheat


By purchasing our beer you confirm that you are of legal drinking age in Ontario, Canada (19). Our beer shipping service is available to residents of Ontario only.

This organization was chosen by our Server/Production Assistant, Hunter Ross:

Growing up I had a lot of issues regarding loneliness and feeling lost within myself; that I didn’t fit the identity that my parents were hoping for me and it caused a lot of mental health and self-identity issues. I went to various therapists and talked on a couple crisis lines when I was in high school but I lacked the feeling of being understood or at least seen for the person I was hoping to become. Looking back at that time, I wish I had access to a safe, secure, and confidential space to explore that piece of my identity.

As an adult I’ve slowly understood who I am and how I identify as a trans non-binary person, and I’ve discovered these things about myself through the help of my friends and the safe spaces they created to discuss these hard topics. The YouthLine shared a summary report from 2020 discussing various matters within their community. 1,200 children and youth under the age of 29 participated in this research and they concluded that a lot of people felt that they were unable to access a space that was designated to 2SLGBTQIA+ in their community. With ⅓ individuals feeling that their mental health needs were not being met within their community. With the mental health crisis rising in children and youth, having adequate mental health care is highly important and is a form of harm reduction within the community. This Youthline is there to help these kids in feeling a sense of community and safety that they may not already feel during their day to day lives. As I’m writing this I am so grateful that this Youthline exists and is accessible to queer children and youth and I find it highly important during these times as queer and trans children and youth are under an intense political microscope. Being able to talk to someone within your community eliminates some of that stress and anxiety that has always been, and continues to be created.

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