The Exchange Brewery’s Oud Bruin Now Available at LCBO Stores

The Exchange Brewery is pleased to announce that its Oud Bruin will be available at LCBO stores across Ontario, as of Monday, February 26th, 2018. The Exchange’s non-traditional version of this Flemish Ale is decidedly tart from a short lactic fermentation and then aged in oak with a mixed cocktail of wild yeast and bacteria to round out its flavour. It is one of the brewery’s most popular beers and won a Gold Medal at the 2017 Ontario Brewing Awards.

Tasting Notes – Auburn-brown in colour with a tart and malty nose. Acidic upfront, transitioning to a slightly sweeter and caramel finish.

Broad Appeal – With a high ABV, beautiful complexity and mouth-puckering tartness, the Oud Bruin has already established itself as a favourite among beer connoisseurs. But in its new small format, well-balanced flavours and semi-sweet finish also make it a perfect introduction to sour beer for the novice beer enthusiast. An interesting addition to the LCBO’s shelves, that is sure to hit all the right notes.

«We are very excited to have our Oud Bruin available through the LCBO. The small format is perfect for beer enthusiasts that are just starting to explore the sour side of craft beer. We want to make sour beer feel more approachable and hope to share our passion for barrel-aged sour ales with a larger audience.» says Sam Maxbauer, Head Brewer at The Exchange Brewery.

Bottled in an elegant black 330ml Italian sparkling wine bottle, this beer is bottle-conditioned, resulting in a long shelf life and shelf stability (i.e, refrigeration is not required). Beer collectors will enjoy tasting the progression of the beer as it matures and develops with age. This product is a Spring Season listing; limited volumes available.

Available at LCBO locations in Toronto (including: 1654 Queen St./ 2 Cooper St./ 3520 Dundas St./ 415 King St./2901 Bayview Avenue), London (900 Oxford St. E./681 Wonderland North.), Burlington (3365 Fairview St.), Ottawa (275 Rideau St./953 Bank St./4305 Strandher Dr.), Dundas (119 Osler D.), Guelph (16 Wellington St. W.), St. Isidore (2538 St. Isidor st.), Stoufville (5710 Main St.), Orillia (293 Coldwater Rd.)

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