The Exchange Brewery releases its Berliner Weisse and Hefeweizen, in cans!

The Exchange Brewery is pleased to announce that its Berliner Weisse and Hefeweizen are now both available in 473ml cans.

These two styles are the very first cans ever released by the Niagara-on-the-Lake brewery, which had always distinguished itself by offering its premium craft beers in black 750ml Italian sparkling bottles. Yet, hopping in on the “can trend” was a natural move for the brewery, who wished to meet the ever-growing demand for handy drinking formats for consumers, and whose brewers are always eager to make their craft beer accessible to anyone.

“We are very excited to shake things up and offer our Berliner Weisse and Hefeweizen in cans!” says Robin Ridesic, CEO/Founder of The Exchange Brewery. “They are two very popular summer beers in our tasting room, both light and refreshing. It simply made sense to offer them in a 473ml can format, easy to carry around, and that just calls for being cracked open on your patio, in the sun.”

  • Hefeweizen (ABV 5.4%; SRM 5; IBU 14) Weizen is for wheat; Hefe for yeast. Fermented with German-born ale yeast known for its pronounced flavours of cloves and banana. Embrace the season with the perfect summer beer. Tasting notes: Lemon-straw in colour with a big nose of banana. Traditional German yeast esters and flavours of clove. Light and refreshing.
  • Berliner Weisse (ABV 4.2%; SRM 3; IBU 11) This brew is soured in our brew kettle giving a sharp tartness and puckering mouthfeel. This light bodied brew is great for a hot summer day. Tasting notes: Lemon colour and hazy. The nose and taste comes off tart and puckering but lightly fruity. Light body and dry on the palate.

For the canning process, The Exchange Brewery has partnered with Sessions Craft Canning, a Mississauga-based mobile canning company that offered the brewery an ideal canning line solution in their small (but well-used) production space.

“We’ve had a great response so far!” comments Amy Kvas, Tasting Room Manager. “People love the bright gold and teal minimalistic look we chose for them. Cans have a broad appeal, they feel approachable, relaxed and sales are going great. We’re already thinking of releasing more beer styles in cans… more details about that soon!”

HEFEWEIZEN / BERLINER WEISSE | 473ml Cans | Retail: 4pack $17.00 (+hst.)

Available at The Exchange Brewery Bottle Shop (7 Queen Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake)

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