The Exchange Brewery’s Clementine Oud Bruin Now Available at LCBO Stores.

The Exchange Brewery is pleased to announce that its Clementine Oud Bruin (330ml bottle format) is now available at LCBO stores across Ontario. This limited release is part of the brewery’s rotational sour beer series, in LCBO stores.

This variant of The Exchange Brewery’s popular Oud Bruin showcases fresh citrus flavours and aromas with notes of dried fruit and chocolate. This sour brown ale is blended from beer aged in red wine barrels for more than one year.

The Exchange Brewery’s Clementine Oud Bruin has an ABV of 7.7% (IBU: 27, SRM: 21).

Tasting notes: Made with fresh clementine juice and skin, the ExB Clementine Oud Bruin showcases beautiful Winter flavors. The ale is auburn-brown in colour with a tart but fruity nose. Flavours of fresh clementine enhance a complex bouquet of herbs and spices from the fruit’s interplay with wild yeast. A moderate sourness and medium malty body transition to a light caramel finish.

Broad Appeal: Its small 330ml format, well-balanced tartness, fresh citrus notes and sweet finish, make it a perfect introduction to sour beer for the novice beer enthusiast.

This beer is bottle-conditioned, resulting in a long shelf life and shelf stability (i.e, refrigeration is not required). Beer collectors will enjoy tasting the progression of the beer as it matures and develops with age. This product is a Winter Season LCBO listing; limited volumes available.

Visit LCBO to see availabilities in your local store.

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