Summer Culinary Pop-up

June 4, 2018
The Exchange Brewery

12:00pm-8:00pm: Culinary Pop-up at the brewery: Asian BBQ.



ASIAN BBQ PORK SKEWERS, Serve with Papaya relish  – $12.50 

BEEF TATAKI, Seared Beef with soy sauce vinaigrette  – $13.95 

CHICHEN YAKITORI, Teriyaki glazed chicken skewers with Papaya relish  – $11.95 

STIR FRY ASIAN NOODLES, Served with Chicken and Shrimp – $15.95 


Grilled Teriyaki Dishes 

All dishes come with chef’s choice stir fry vegetables

Atlantic Salmon $23.95 

No cap Rib-Eye $25.95 

Striploin $26.95

Chicken Breast $23.95 

Grilled Portabella $20.95 


Steamed Rice $4.00 

Papaya Relish $4.00 

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