Thank you for another great Sourpalooza Festival!

See you all in 2020. 

Sourpalooza 2019 took place in Niagara-on-the-Lake on September 7th, 2019. Presented by The Exchange Brewery & The Niagara-on-the-Lake Chamber of Commerce.

The Story

“We are very excited for the return of Sourpalooza this fall after the success of last year’s festival. Having some of Ontario’s best sour producers in house for the event was very special for the brewers and attendees, coming together to sample and ‘geek-out’ over some great beer. Due to tickets selling out last year, we have added more tickets to this year’s festival as well as expanded our Ontario and International brewery lineup. It will be great to see some of our old friends and some new surprises at Sourpalooza this year!” Sam Maxbauer, Head Brewer at The Exchange Brewery


 Market Hall, at Niagara-on-the-Lake Old Court House.

In heart of the Old Town, this beautiful heritage building is also conveniently located in front of The Exchange Brewery.

2019 Line-Up

The Exchange Brewery

The Exchange Brewery is Niagara-on-the-Lake’s premium brewery and tasting room located in Old Town heritage district. We focus on making exceptional craft beers using only the highest quality ingredients, including local Niagara fruits. Our selection includes a range of American styles along with sour and funky Belgian-style ales.

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Bench Brewing

Bench Brewing Company is proudly situated in the benchlands of the Niagara Escarpment. Home to Ontario’s finest agricultural lands, our farmhouse approach to craft brewing will capture the unique terroir of the region just as it does for wine. Breathing new life into the historic Maple Grove Schoolhouse in Beamsville, the site features a three-acre hops field, a barrel-aging and wild ale program, a taproom, beer garden and food kitchen.

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Niagara Oast House Brewers

Niagara is an agricultural region built with dirty hands, sore backs and obsession for craft. Oast is Canada’s first Farmhouse-focused brewery specializing in Farm House Ales.

1. Forgotten Field Sour Ale 6%. The wort is soured in the brew kettle with lactobacillus and then finished like a normal brew. While heavily kettle hopped and dry-hopped like an IPA, the acidity and sourness creates a different flavour and aroma experience. The sourness contributes some fruity characteristics in combination with the hops giving a refreshingly tart hoppy beer.
2. Cherry Berliner Weisse 4.9%. With a brilliant red hue, this classic take on a German Berliner Weisse style is brewed with fresh Niagara cherries. Its tremendous puckering character derives from the process of adding lactobacillus to the mash and allowing it to sour naturally. After a slight touch of sweetness up front, it finishes sour, crisp and clean

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Small Pony Barrel Works

An all barrel aged sour beer brewery based in Ottawa, Canada.

1.Half Remembered Dream – 5.0% – A blend of golden sour beers aged in oak barrels with rose hips & hibiscus
2.Jam Hands – 5.0% – A blend of golden sour beers aged in oak barrels with raspberries
3.All The Best Hats -5.4% -A blend of sour beers aged in oak barrels with haskap berries
4.Rhymes With Beaches – 5.4% – A blend of golden sour beers aged in oak barrels with peaches

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Fairweather Brewing

Fairweather opened its doors in May 2017, in a revitalized warehouse in west Hamilton’s Ainslie Wood neighbourhood. Whether Fairweather is exploring bright hoppy IPAs, rich, silky stouts and porters, elegant, classic continental lagers, or fruited and oak-aged beers that explore the edges of what beer can be, Fairweather will never be satisfied. Tirelessly striving to create the best beer you will find anywhere.

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Bellwoods began as a small brewery, and pub in downtown Toronto. They officially opened doors to the public in April 2012. “When it comes to our beers, these have evolved and will continue to evolve over time – which makes sense, because we’ve traveled, collaborated, and learned a lot since we opened. We make a variety of bright, fresh, hoppy styles ranging from hazy pale ales with lactose, to fruity double IPAs. Our enthusiasm for imperial stouts is undeniable, and recreating our big releases each year like Bring Out Your Dead, Skeleton Key, or 3 Minutes to Midnight, is always a fun challenge. Of course, we also recognize that most of what we brew these days is to our preference rather than a style outlined by arbitrary guidelines. An additional area of focus is in the production of farmhouse and/or wild ales, and we often utilize various strains of Brettanomyces and house bacteria blends.”

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Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers Brewing is a family owned craft brewery opened in 2015 by Dustin and Brayden Jones in Toronto, Ontario.“From its humble beginnings, Blood Brothers has been centered around brewing interesting beers our friends and family would want to drink. From the way we source our ingredients to our methodical brewing process, we approach each step with passion and independent spirit. Our goal is to provide innovative beers to all of our customers. We strive to push back against consolidation and uniformity in today’s beer market.”

1. ID Dry Hopped Sour Pale Ale 6%. Citrus, Melon, Mango & Papaya on the nose. Big, round Mango flavour dominates the palate, lightly soured and rounded out by pineapple.
2. Paradise Lost Raspberry Lime Rum Sour Ale 6%. Aromas of tart raspberry and sweet spices. Raspberry dominates the flavour with light notes of lime and just enough rum to make it last like a margarita!

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Niagara College’s Teaching Brewery

Award-winning beer produced by students of Niagara College’s Teaching Brewery – Our open-concept state-of-the-art 1,500 sq. ft. teaching micro-brewery facility offers students of Canada’s first Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management program extensive hands on training in the on-site Brewery to prepare them for employment in the expanding brewery, microbrewery and brewpub industries. The Brewmaster program and Teaching Brewery are located at Niagara College’s beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake campus. Students produce a variety of brews and tasting and beer purchases are available on-site.

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Short Finger Brewing

SFBC is a small, independently owned homebrew shop and craft brewery in Kitchener, ON. We are beer centred and totally DIY. Life is short. Homebrew. “Started out of a basement in Waterloo in 2015, we’ve expanded a few times over the years and are now operating out of the main unit at 20 Hurst Avenue in Kitchener. On the homebrew side, we aim to provide brewers in the Tri-Cities (and beyond!) with all of the ingredients, equipment, and education needed for quality homebrewing. In the brewery, we specialize in barrel-aged, blended sour beers and low ABV hoppy offerings. In all things, we are beer focused and totally DIY. Our tasting room is still to come.”

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Communal Bar

We’ve sourced some unique and delicious out of province sour offerings, we will be pouring these samples complimentary for ticket holders.

Microbrasserie À la Fût

Since its creation in 2007, À la Fût’s craft brewers have been avant-garde on many occasions. The founders like to be innovative when it comes to their techniques and how their products are presented, never afraid to try, test and change their ways of doing things. Today, À la Fût distinguishes itself on the brewing market through its expertise in barrel-aged beers and its sour and hopped canned beers. Its cellar contains nearly 516 oak barrels and about thirty different products are brewed each year, to the great pleasure of À la Fût connaisseurs!

1.ROUGE MONKEY (ABV 5.2%). This is a blend between À La Fût’s Rouge de Mékinac & Spadina Monkey Cherry from Indie Ale House, barrel-aged 1 more year, with even more fresh cherries! This is a fruity sour bomb!
2.GOLDEN HORSESHOE PROJECT (ABV 5.0%).This is a Spontaneous/wild flora mega blend between The Exchange Brewery, À La Fût, Sawdust & Block Three. Each partner microbrewery harvested a local flora for its wort, and then sent them to St-Tite, Quebec for barreling and maturing. The blending and packaging was carried out by À La Fût. .

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Stillwater Artisanal 

Started in 2010, Stillwater Artisanal is the brainchild of Baltimore native Brian Strumke, whose past life as an internationally renowned electronica DJ and producer strangely led him down a path to crafting some of the world’s most unique and highest rated beers.

1. PETERNATURAL CUVÉE 2 (ABV 8.6%). Blended, Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale with Viognier. Aged 3 years in French, Hungarian Oak & Bottle conditionned for 2 years.
2. PETERNATURAL CUVÉE 3 (ABV 8.8%). Blended, Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale with Viognier, Sauvignon & Sauvignon Blanc. Aged 3 years in French, Hungarian Oak & Bottle conditionned for 2 years

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Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

Ron Jeffries is responsible for Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales brewed in Dexter, MI. As brewmaster, Ron’s goal is worldwide recognition as a brewer and creator of beers of outstanding art and grace.

BEST LEI’D – Sour Dry Hopped Fruit Ale (ABV 6.9%). Best Lei’d was brewed in collaboration with Tom from Big Island Brewhaus in Waimea, Hawaii. Includes Amarillo, Citra and Centennial hops followed by grapefruit before being dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Cascade. The dry hop addition helps lend softer notes of juicy grapefruit and citrus finishing with a nice Jolly Pumpkin funk! .

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Where is Sourpalooza 2019 held?
The festival will be held in the Market Room of the Old Court House (26 Queen St, Niagara-on-the-Lake). The Market Room is on the street level, in the rear off the Court House building.  It is accessible from Market Street.

When is Soupalooza 2019 held?
The festival will be held on September 7TH, over 3 sessions: 12-2:30PM, 2:30-5PM, 5-7:30PM.

Where can I buy tickets?
You can buy your tickets online or in-person at The Exchange Brewery (7 Queen St., NOTL). Tickets are valid only for the session purchased, each session is 2.5 hours long.

How does sampling works?
Your admission ticket includes a 4oz sample of each beer being poured at the event (2-4 varieties from each participating brewery). New this year will be complimentary samples from our communal bar which will be exclusively out of province offerings.

Will you offer any non-sour beers?
​All breweries will be bringing sour beers.The beer line up will be announced throughout the summer leading up to September 7th so stay tuned to Instagram!​

Will there be food?
Snacks will be complimentary, there will be a variety of popcorn and seasoned nuts. Water is also complimentary available at the communal bar, stay hydrated!

Can I ask for a refund?
​Tickets are 100% non-refundable​.

Will there be bathrooms and hand wash stations?
​There are also wheelchair accessible public washrooms adjacent to the Court House immediately outside of the Market Room where the event is taking place.

Are you offering Designated Driver tickets?
We are offering a $30 discount on Sourpalooza tickets for Designated Drivers: use the code “designateddriver” at check-out when purchasing your ticket online for any session of your choosing. Designated drivers will have access to the festival and receive a complimentary craft soda, along with water, complimentary pop-corn & peanuts that all attendees will enjoy.

Will there be ATMs?
Cash is not required for sampling or snacks however vendors will be selling merchandise at their booths so have cash ready! There are no ATMs on site. ATMs are available at the RBC location on 234 Mary St as well as at the BMO Bank of Montreal location on 91 Queen St. ​​

Will there be parking nearby?
You will find a paid public parking lot directly behind the Court House building​, accessible from Market Street.  There is additional parking available at 29 Platoff St. There is also paid street parking available on Queen St. and King Street. Please do not drive if you will be sampling; we at The Exchange Brewery encourage everyone to have a designated driver, call a taxi, Uber or walk. ​

Can I bring my own glass?
No, sorry. No outside glassware will be allowed.  ​

What happens if I lose or break my sampling glass?
​Plastic cups will be provided in the event your lose or break your souvenir sampling glass. ​

Can I bring my kids? Dogs?
This event is 19+; IDs will be checked at the door. Anyone under the legal drinking age, as well as furry four legged canine family, are not permitted in the festival. ​ ​

Will there be first aid available on-site?
There will be designated first aid certified ​staff on site in case of minor injury.

Is it a smoker-friendly event?
​Smoking is not permitted indoors at the festival. ​

Will I appear on promo/social media photo?
By entering the festival event space, you will consent to your image/voice being used in photos and videos for use in any of our promotional materials and social media posts.

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